Keeping up our energy while talking into space

With returning to a hard lockdown in many countries to help control the big surge in coronavirus, working from home continues. Therefore, good habits in connecting and communicating in person with others are crucial for both our well-being and productivity. Have a look at my article from May 2020. It has obviously lost nothing of its topicality.

Let’s start with the positive. Video calls and other communication tools have enabled social connections to flourish across the globe in ways that would have been unthinkable not so long ago. They allow us to build and maintain relationships and collaborate remotely. These communication tools bring us together to learn, to comfort each other and to find creative ideas together. Above all, they can undoubtedly foster a strengthening and peaceful togetherness in us which is so much needed. So imagine, if we didn’t have these tools now?What would our lockdown world look like?

Despite all of the positive effects of digital interfaces, many of us are feeling like we are still not thriving as much as we thought, even though we have digital human-to-human interaction.

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