About me

“Working as an executive coach and a consultant for over 20 years, my utmost interest has always been to unfold the best in my clients and to really make them thrive.”

“My academic background is in political economics and philosophy with a Master’s Degree in political economics from the University of Cologne. I have studied and worked in the US, Spain and France.For the last two and a half decades, I have been working in different industries and positions, spanning from political advisor to managing partner with extensive experience in strategy consulting, organizational development and coaching.”

What clients say...

"I significantly learned about my personal drivers, my own purpose and the value I want to generate, as a leader and as a person."Senior Sales, Manufacturer of Automobiles, Stuttgart

Coaching & Consulting Expertise


“…a systemic, solution-oriented approach…”

The underlying philosophy of my work with clients is both a systemic, solution-oriented approach and the science of positive psychology.

“…long-lasting positive changes in your life.”

Positive psychology, which is not to be mixed up with positive thinking, is an approach in psychology and the scientific study about what goes right in life. It uses empirical methods to systematically build competence, boost your resilience, and promote excellence. This philosophy is rooted in the identification and cultivation of your core strengths in concert with your values. It provides the basis to make long-lasting positive changes in your life. And it complements other strategies for change, as you might need considerable courage to challenge your status quo.

“…Your personal view of the world has an impact on your actions…”

The systemic-constructivist approach is much more pragmatic then it might sound to you at first. We live in a world of complexity and uncertainty. The only means available to cope with it is some sort of constructivist selection process. There is no objective reality or truth but rather your social-emotional “construction of reality.” You might have experienced often that one story produces at least as many versions as people involved.

Everybody has his own perception and therefore understanding of the world. This personal view of the world has an impact on your actions – in your personal life and in the organization you work. In an organization, many different views come together which can be quite challenging. A systemic view helps to understand the organization, the dynamics, the opportunities and the risks.

What clients say...

"I like how Silke gets to the heart of things with such an ease and how she can address weak spots in a way that you can look at them well and unwinded. In a trustful atmosphere like this, it is fun to expand and grow."CEO of an international Design School, Copenhagen