I typically work with senior leaders, leadership teams and talented individuals who strive for more then “business-as-usual”. I inspire change that promotes action and I inspire you to take a new perspective, to broaden your horizon of possibilities and to unleash your full potential - as a leader and as a person.


“My clients are smart and quick. They are seekers and they are looking for meaning and purpose in their life."


"After I had returned from the States for a career change I needed some sparring to better adjust to the new challenges ahead of me. Silke´s intelligent questions and her insightful advice allowed me to take a new perspective and to develop a clear purpose and vision for my new leadership role.

Thanks, in the main to Silke´s coaching, I am now successfully working with my partners in a very agile and decisive advisory firm - released from the bureaucratic weight of a large international organization."

- Managing Director of an Advisory Firm, London

"...intelligent questions and insightful advice..."

"Working with Silke was about trust, respect plus equivalence. She was the first coach who adapted to my speed without any problems, having at the same time the ability to guide me through a very inspirational and thoughtful process, which was a lot of fun and very result-oriented."

- Owner of several Start-Up´s, Munich

" me through a very inspirational and thoughtful process..."

"Being coached by Silke is extraordinary, as she brings together fundamental academic expertise with a sharp intellect and the capability to perceive the integrity of a person. This special gift always identifies the true core of the issue in order to pursue the best possible solution.

Quite often, I am surprised to find that the matter of concern turns out to be something completely different from what I thought it was. Her profound experience in different industries and corporate cultures at managerial and executive level is the essential factor in the success of her coaching. I highly recommend Silke as an executive coach and sparring partner. Silke is a very warm person with a great sense of humor."

- Owner of a Company for Business Health Care, Munich

"...her profound experience in different industries and corporate cultures..."

"...analytical and intuitive understanding of people..."

"Silke has an in-depth analytical and intuitive understanding of people and their motivations.  Her guidance helped me to adjust to major changes during a career transition. I highly recommend Silke for leadership development issues and career transitions."

- Board Member, Media Group, London

"...had quite some impact on my career development."

"My coaching sessions with Silke always lead to positive change and have a big impact on my development as a business leader. I very much appreciate that all the strategies and techniques she proposes, are relevant to me as an individual. I can integrate them easily and actively and they help me to better achieve my goals while keeping my values."

- Founder, Berlin

"In a trusting atmosphere like this, it is fun to expand and grow."

"I like how Silke gets to the heart of things with such an ease and how she can address weak areas so that you can scrutinize and fully understand them in a trusting atmosphere which makes it fun to expand and grow."

- CEO of an international Design School, Copenhagen