"Coaching to me is a relationship where the client has a desire to change, or aspires to do things differently, and the coach supports the client´s effort to reach that goal."

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Leadership coaching

Your issues are diverse and include subjects as crafting an effective negotiation strategy, the recognition and handling of conflict situations as well as long-term strategic matters like a change process within your organization. In our sessions, I challenge and support you to unlock your potential, resulting in positive, measurable change that stands the test of time.

„You don't try teaching penguins how to fly, but coach them how to catch the biggest fish.“

A compassionate thought partnership is part of the equation. You meet me as your thought partner in focused dialogues on eye level and learn how to manage around weaknesses yet focus on marshalling your strengths and values.

This is where clients feel energized, see the steepest learning curves, and are on top of their game. No one is an island. I ensure that individual behavior is also addressed in the context of the team and the organization as a whole.

What clients say...

"Being an attentive listener and a powerful questioner, Silke has always been an excellent sounding board for me, new ideas, thoughts and strategies."Entrepreneur, Paris

Transition coaching

„If you could blink your eyes and have any job in the world - what would that job be - and why?“

Transition with Vision
Most of us are raised with preconceived notions about the person we are supposed to be and the choices we should make. When you look closer, however, these concepts and beliefs may not feel authentic to you. They might fall short of “the real you.”

I work with you in finding out what brings you joy to move, what motivates you, what brings you forward, using your core strengths and remaining optimistic about your future. You look beyond the immediate rewards of “living the good life” to focus on what is most meaningful to you, both professionally and personally.

„Are you moving within your company?“

A career transition does not necessarily mean leaving the company—promotions are career transitions as well.

The first few months are crucial for your future success in your new role. You have to navigate through the transition yourself. But coaching will help you to adjust faster and enable a successful start in changed circumstances. You need to focus, be “learning agile”, behave differently and not cling to the past. You also need to adapt skills to face new challenges. Each of these requires an adjustment not only in behavior, but also in capabilities, attitudes, and thinking.

Our coaching sessions will support you in doing the right steps at the right time.

What clients say...

"At a true turning point in my career I not only developed my strengths but also my values and what is truly meaningful to me, especially for my 'second career'."Senior Manager of a Manufacturing Group, Bielefeld

Team coaching

"Teams should be able to focus effectively on the goals ahead. The ultimate aim is a truly high-performing, accountable team - clear about their purpose, strong and collaborative relationships, excellent communication and focused on results. After all, success is a matter of teamwork."

Does your team have the eyes on the ball? Is the potential of your team fully tapped?

I design and conduct workshops externally or at your office adressing specific needs and interests of leadership and change.

Typical subjects are:

  • Crafting culture and values
  • Understanding and improving
  • Developing a team strength-map
  • Leading with happiness
Team coaching

I also offer retreats for teams and like-minded people, such as business organizations. Retreats are positive and supportive environments in which like-minded people inspire each other to maximize their leadership potential, their sense of purpose and their life fulfillment.

What clients say...

"With Silke´s support, we developed a strong sense of team identity and better understood our personal impact to improve team performance."Head of Department of a Telecommunication Company / Düsseldorf