Halftime by Bob P. Buford

Changing Your Game Plan from Success to Significance

by Bob P. Buford

Have you ever consciously thought about your personal “Halftime”?

“Halftime” by Bob Buford is not a book about your arrival at success and how to apply it. It’s about giving back and finding meaning and purpose in life


Grit by Angela Duckworth

secret of all triumphs.“

Victor Hugo

Is there a secret to excellence and success? And how far does bare talent lead us to success?

Grit is a book about the power of passion and perseverance and it is a persuasive approach to the cult of talent, hard work and luck. Above talent, hard work and luck it definitely needs grit for long-term achievement, success and excellence. Continue reading „Grit by Angela Duckworth“

Do more of what makes you happy!


…. ist nicht nur ein Spruch, sondern vor allem der Anlass für unseren eintägigen Stärken-Workshop am 21.01.2017 in Berlin.

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Erster Kongress des Dachverbands



Am 17.-18. September 2016 wird der erste Kongress des Deutschsprachigen Dachverbands für Positive Psychologie e.V. an der Freien Universität Berlin stattfinden. An diesen beiden Tagen werden Forscher und Anwender der Positiven Psychologie ihre Arbeit vorstellen und zeigen, wie lebendig die PP im deutschsprachigen Raum bereits ist.

Vortrag Silke Cramer am 17.09.2016, 16:30 Uhr: „Wachstumsorientiertes Stärkencoaching als Entscheidungshilfe und Stärkung für den persönlichen Lebensweg“ und

Workshop Silke Cramer und Nicole Zätzsch, 18.09.2016, 11:15 Uhr:Positive Coaching: Positive Psychologie und systemische Ansätze“

Seligman Tour 2016

Seligman Tour 2016
A common event by Seligman Europe and the Academy for Children, Youth and Family; the Milton-Erickson-Institutes Hamburg and Heidelberg; Solution Management; and Hans-Joachim Funke.


2. – 3. July 2016 – Hamburg
THE CUTTING EDGE OF POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY – Focal points of Positive Psychology

8. July 2016 – Vienna
Workshop: Tools for positive organization-development
Lecture: Positive business culture as the way to extraordinary success

9. – 10. July 2016 – Vienna
Future Congress
DRAWN TO THE FUTURE – Prospection and Positive Psychology

EPCC 2016, the European Conference on Positive Psychology


I will be in Angers at the EPCC 2016, the European Conference on Positive Psychology from June 28th to 1st of July 2016.

If you are there as well I would be more than happy to meet you. Please just send me an email and we can arrange a time.

Hope to see you there.